About us

Ron Prokosch, together with his colleague Eloise Moodie established Legacy Human Capital Group Ltd in 2009.

Legacy Human Capital Group is particularly dedicated to providing Western Canada organizations with a team of specialists who can provide practical advice and services in dealing with critical human resources issues and decisions at any and all stages of the Human Capital Life Cycle.



Acquisition services ensure that you make the right hiring decisions, quickly and cost-effectively.


Optimization services help you understand your organization’s climate and culture, and inform you on how best to engage and develop employees to reach their full potential.


Redeployment services ensure that employees are positioned to succeed, and that your organization continues to be seen as a supportive and professional employer of choice. Benefits

Together, Legacy specialists can provide assistance at any and all stages of the Human Capital Life Cycle, from the development of your comprehensive human resources strategy to the administration of specific programs and services.

Having advanced graduate degrees, and between 10 and 25 years of experience in critical areas of human resources strategy and practice, Legacy specialists offer the expertise needed to maximize the performance of your most critical asset.

Legacy services can be used on a project or long term retainer basis, complimenting and supporting your existing human resources staff when needed.

Taking the time to develop a strong understanding of your organization and employee group, Legacy specialists are able to recommend solutions with the greatest value and impact to your specific organization.

Legacy focuses on building long term client relationships, providing assistance from the time you hire new employees to the point where those individuals are promoted or repositioned.

As a result, our clients are able to access the horsepower of a fully staffed human resources department on an as-needed basis, and can tap into a team that possesses a broad span of expertise and a great depth of knowledge and experience in maximizing the performance of human capital.

We address our mandate through three avenues of service:

Human Resources life cycle

Legacy Human Capital Group specializes in providing H.R. Expertise to organizations in Alberta including executive searches, group training and... more

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