Executive Search

Our senior consultants hold professional designations as Certified Management Consultants and Certified Human Resource Practitioners. As a consequence of our active participation in these two professional bodies, our company and our associates are guided by their respective codes of conduct and professional practice guidelines.

Our principals and associates each bring more than 20 years of experience in executive search and business consulting to the table and have conducted searches across a broad variety of industries and functions, including searches for a significant number of organizations in the public sector. You will note that a significant number of our recent search projects have been for Counties, Alberta’s smaller communities and non-profit organizations. A listing of Legacy experience is available here.

Our reputation as executive search professionals has been based upon the development of a strategic and comprehensive process that understands, supports and represents the uniqueness, cultural and strategic orientation of each client. Undertaking an executive search assignment means representing our client in the marketplace – a delicate task that must be handled with industry and organization specific knowledge, sound judgment, sensitivity and confidentiality.

We believe the engagement of a professional and retainer based search and recruitment firm to assist you in your recruitment and selection will bring a consistent focus and effort in a timely manner to fulfill this position. Our role is to actively market your opportunity and to represent the opportunity and the organization throughout the engagement and then to support you in the selection process. Your Legacy Human Capital Group consultant will oversee this search project thereby allowing you and your staff to focus on other core activities. There are a number of additional benefits that can be derived from using a retained professional search and recruitment firm such as Legacy Human Capital Group:

  • Candidates are exclusive to your opportunity.
  • Proactive approach to sourcing qualified candidates.
  • Confidentiality and discretion in sourcing and discussing this opportunity with prospective candidates.
  • Ability to proactively source candidates nationally.
  • Providing a central place for applicant inquiries and responses to be accepted and evaluated by an objective assessment process and handled in a timely and confidential manner.
  • Saves your time because you are interviewing only the most appropriate and qualified candidates.
  • Saves you from handling resumes and applicant inquiries.
  • Applicant tracking and response is provided.
  • Experienced access to strategic professional placement of ads and postings.
  • Sustained marketing effort.
  • Screening of resumes and collection of additional candidate information.
  • Preparation of Interview process and guides to involve full Board toward the selection decision.
  • Experienced reference checking and background checks.
  • Invoicing for services and expenses is received from only one source.

Legacy Human Capital Group specializes in searches for:

  • Municipal Government
  • Not-for-Profit and Foundations
  • Community Services

Human Resources life cycle

Legacy Human Capital Group specializes in providing H.R. Expertise to organizations in Alberta including executive searches, group training and... more

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