HR Services

Services for Large Companies

Large companies occasionally require experienced professionals to work on special projects such as:

  • Recruiting a significant number for employees within a short time,
  • Researching and developing a new policy or program.
  • Planning a downsizing
  • Investigating a conflict or harassment issue
  • Covering off a maternity or illness leave.

Legacy Human Capital has the experience and talent to address these defined term needs. Each engagement is discussed in detail in advance of establishing a specific contract confirming the deliverables, the term, expectations and business arrangments of the contract.

Services for Small and Medium Size Companies

Most small to medium size businesses today recognize the need to devote time and expertise to manage their human resources. Accordingly, they have been looking for a way to afford what seemingly only large companies already have.

Legacy Human Capital Group provides the solution to small and medium sized businesses or the emerging enterprise that requires experienced professional human resource management, but don't want the expense of a full-time manager for that position. We have the perfect solution to help most organizations get the benefits of professional human resource management, while saving the expense of a full-time manager.

By contracting your Human Resource Management you can:

  • Ensure compliance with Human Rights, Privacy and Labour Legislation
  • Have up to date Job Descriptions and role definitions
  • Recruit and select key employees at reasonable cost
  • Have better policies, practices and records
  • Have more effective performance management processes
  • Administer wages and salaries in an effective and fair manner
  • Complete special projects and assignments on time without on-going costs

Legacy Human Capital Group offers the following core working arrangements that are tailored to your specific needs:

One/two day(s) per week or month on client site-Continuous Service Contracts

This arrangement is available to organizations that have made a business decision to contract out their Human Resources Management function. Legacy Human Capital can carry out specific HR projects and work as a coach/advisor to management to assist them in carrying out the responsibilities necessary to managing and leading a team.

Project Work or On Call Contracts

This arrangement supports small to mid-size organizations whose human resources needs are intermittent but essential and when the need arises require quick access to senior level knowledgeable business expertise.

Call us to arrange a preliminary discussion on your Human Resource Management needs.

Organizational Structure and Design

As organizations grow or as business conditions change organizations often need to restructure to align with the business objectives.

Organization design can be defined narrowly, as the process of shaping organization structure and roles, or it can more effectively be defined as the alignment of structure, processes, rewards, metrics and talent with the strategy of the business.

Also see Organizational Effectiveness under our Training and Development section Organizational reviews can often deal with the following issues:

  • Who is accountable for what.
  • Organizational communication is confusing, conflicting and fragmented.
  • The organization can be either over or understaffed or lacks the right kinds of jobs and skills.
  • Staff retention is a problem.
  • New skills and capabilities are needed
  • Conflicts in the workplace.

Human Resources life cycle

Legacy Human Capital Group specializes in providing H.R. Expertise to organizations in Alberta including executive searches, group training and... more

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