Training and Development

We believe that organizations grow and prosper through the effective utilization and support of their people. Organizational objectives can best be achieved when a critical mass of individuals are effective and aligned with the organization's purpose.

Our services are designed to help organizations retain, grow and optimize their talent. We support the development of individuals, leaders and teams using a range of methods to do so. We are licensed to use a variety of tools and programs. We also offer solutions that are entirely customized to meet the goals of our clients.

Legacy Human Capital is a proud partner with The TRACOM Group.

Tools and Programs

  • Employee surveys
  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Work Personality Index
  • DISC
  • Thomas Killman Conflict Mode Assessment
  • Social Styles – Multi rater feedback for increased accuracy
  • Lominger Leadership Architect
  • Profiles International style and fit assessments
  • 360 degree feedback assessments
  • Organizational climate and employee engagement surveys
  • Authorized reseller of TRACOM's Social Styles Programs

Workshops and Training

  • Interpersonal effectiveness – TRACOM and customized
  • Change management for leaders and individuals
  • Communication skills
  • Feedback for managers
  • Customized programs

Coaching and Talent Management Services

  • Competency assessment
  • Coaching packages for leaders and individual contributors
  • Performance improvement
  • Development of high potentials
  • Succession preparation
  • Skill gap identification and development
  • Engagement and Retention Training

Organizational Effectiveness

We are well positioned to provide strategic solutions and advice to ensure the effectiveness of your organization. Our consulting in this area is entirely customized to the needs of the clients although we specialize in:

Employee surveys ― We uncover the keys to building loyalty and commitment in your workplace. We consistently have participation rates over 80%.

Organizational restructuring – We consult to our clients on workforce planning and aligning the human resources with business priorities.

Organizational reviews –

Organizational reviews can often deal with the following issues:

  • Who is accountable for what
  • Organizational communication is confusing, conflicting and fragmented
  • The organization can be either over or understaffed or lacks the right kinds of jobs and skills.
  • Staff retention is a problem
  • New skills and capabilities are needed
  • Conflicts in the workplace

Human Resources life cycle

Legacy Human Capital Group specializes in providing H.R. Expertise to organizations in Alberta including executive searches, group training and... more

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